Adult Sustainability Leadership

Adult leadership is crucial for providing guidance, resources, and support to ensure effective implementation of recycling programs in schools. Their experience and expertise can help navigate challenges, foster collaboration among stakeholders, and sustain long-term commitment to recycling initiatives. Additionally, adult leaders serve as role models for students, inspiring them to develop eco-conscious habits that extend beyond the school environment.

School Sustainability Councils← Click to expand

Having more than one person dedicated to sustainability initiatives in your school will broaden the impact of your sustainability efforts. Whether you meet once a month or once a quarter, your School Sustainability Council(SSC) can support the assigned Sustainability Coordinator by helping to set goals, and implement school-wide projects to improve recycling, and reduce waste, energy and water usage.


Administrators← Click to expand

Whether your school is new to the Curbside Composting program or not, it is important that you:
  • Set the tone for recycling at your school by introducing recycling rules, processes and expectations to students, faculty, and staff each year.
  • Debunk recycling myths and share where to go for further resources to integrate recycling lessons into classroom learning.
  • Provide tips for achieving great classroom recycling.

Here are some resources to support you:


Sustainability Coordinators← Click to expand

Use the resources below to learn more about recycling and composting in your school and how you can support your school community with the transition to Curbside Composting!


Faculty← Click to expand

Recycling can and should be fun and easy! Review the resources below to learn more about how you can support your students with recycling and composting. 



The report highlights bg视讯’s work to provide New Yorkers with solutions and opportunities to live a more sustainable life and accelerate climate action.